• How do we create resilient, community businesses in an ever changing world?

  • The Not-for-Profit Way

    An 11 week training series, helping people start, scale and sustain successful not-for-profit businesses.

  • The Program

    Week 1: Applying an Asset-based Approach

    Discover the power of starting every process with a focus on what's already working. Learn how to map your assets, along with those surrounding your areas of interest.

    Week 2: Refining Your Idea

    Gain greater clarity on what it is you are trying to achieve with your idea, project or organization. Learn how to develop a brand pyramid and summarize your initiative in just one page.

    Week 3: Pitching like a TED Speaker

    Learn how to inspire an audience about your idea, project and vision. Covering body language, vocals, content creation and many more tips and tricks you'll leave feeling confident and ready to pitch to an audience like a TED speaker.

    Week 4: Assembling Your Team

    Learn about the 15 types of people your organization may need, and how to prioritize who to target within such a wide group. Develop strategies and techniques for ensuring the best outcomes from your networking with others.

    Week 5: Developing a Lean Enterprise

    Learn one of the most powerful techniques to come out of Silicon Valley: lean startup. Discover how learning, not results, should be your early focus, and the value of testing your riskiest assumptions using a 'minimum viable product'.


    Week 6: Establishing your not-for-profit

    Walk through the steps required to incorporate your not-for-profit and gain tax exemption, along with the creation of by-laws and other guiding documents.

    Week 7: Building Beautiful Websites

    Learn how to build beautiful websites from scratch, without any knowledge of web development. Participants will leave having built a website during the workshop.

    Week 8: Advancing Your Social Media Skills

    Learn how to craft the perfect Facebook message, drop in hashtags and design posts for maximum virality. Craft the perfect Tweet, and discover the opportunities direct messaging provides.

    Week 9: Raising Money from the Crowd

    Explore whether crowdfunding suits your situation, the formula for running a successful crowdfunding campaign, tips and tricks for inspiring your audiences to give even more, and how to coordinate your team's efforts. Other forms of capital raising will also be explored.

    Week 10: Thriving on a Limited Budget

    Learn how to maximize your efficiency by simplifying, systemizing and automating using free tools such as Google Apps, MailChimp and Calendly.

    Week 11: Making Meetings Fun and Efficient

    Learn how to make meetings fun and effective, with a truly participatory method for group decision making. Discover the powerful, sociocratic process to ensure the greatest wisdom emerges within your group, in the shortest amount of time.

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