• How can we start, scale, and sustain community projects in an ever-changing world?

  • The Not-for-Profit Handbook

    he Not for Profit Handbook is the comprehensive guide for anyone looking to start, scale or sustain a resilient project in our ever-changing world.

    Providing ideas, tips, tools and insights across a range of topics, the book draws on Donnie Maclurcan's experience in establishing, advising and consulting over 300 not-for-profit initiatives around the world.

    Written specifically for Australian and U.S. audiences, but with a good deal of applicability to social entrepreneurs worldwide, the Not-for-Profit Handbook is the must have book for anyone seeking to create a brighter future for us all.



    ♦ The Five Pillars of Resilience

    ♦ Mapping your ecosystem

    ♦ The Five Keys to a Good Idea

    ♦ Idea crystallization and branding

    ♦ The One-page Synopsis method

    ♦ The Five Steps to Lean Startup (including a Minimum Viable Product)

    ♦ Mapping your project's assets

    ♦ Establishing credibility

    ♦ Developing websites in three hours

    ♦ Networking with purpose

    ♦ Determining your match criteria

    ♦ Effective hiring and onboarding (including volunteers)

    ♦ Co-founding

    ♦ Setting up a supportive board

    ♦ Incorporating with the right legal structure

    ♦ Developing foundational documents

    ♦ Meeting regulatory requirements

    ♦ Insuring your organization



    ♦ Financing through creative means (including donations, grants, crowdfunding, loans, and securities)

    ♦ Developing an enterprise (including products, services, memberships, and investments)

    ♦ Pitching from the heart

    ♦ Harnessing the power of social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube)

    ♦ Designing for virality

    ♦ Establishing a CRM

    ♦ Engaging with the media

    ♦ Developing powerful websites

    ♦ Optimizing your sites for search engines

    ♦ Streamlining your operations (including emails, campaigns, newsletters, budgets, accounting, working in 'the cloud', scheduling, project management, document collaboration, and filing)

    ♦ Ensuring your well-being



    ♦ Celebrating success

    ♦ Honoring past staff, volunteers and supporters

    ♦ Caring for your team

    ♦ Conducting an organizational assessment

    ♦ Staying relevant by designing for high quality inputs from your clients, donors, partners, team and general supporters

    ♦ Reinvigorating your path

    ♦ Renewing your team and board

    ♦ Restructuring your organization

    ♦ Relaunching your work

    ♦ Repowering your ecosystem

    ♦ Assessing risk

    ♦ Pre-empting audits

    ♦ Owning mistakes

    ♦ Seeking inter-personal harmony

    ♦ Disarming online threats

    ♦ Planning for succession

    ♦ Winding up your organization

    ♦ Making your legacy accessible

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    The Not-for-Profit Handbook
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    The Not for Profit Handbook is the comprehensive guide for anyone looking to start, scale or sustain a resilient project in our ever-changing world.
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